Welcome (my blog debut)

Hi guys, thanks for checking out my new site and welcome to my first blog post. I've been a bit quiet on the socials lately while I finish my album - more on that later - but over the past few months I started to find the normal avenues of social media quite limited. There's often things I'd like to share that I just can't express in a Facebook friendly way, so for those that are interested in a more in-depth version of what goes on - I've set up this blog.

If you'd like to join me on this journey you can subscribe to the mailing list located on the home page. Yay! ;-)

Music takes up most of my time so lets see how I go, but I'll make sure you can always find song lyrics, inspirations and various other behind-the-scenes type things, all here in one place.

More coming soon...

Fiora x