The Gulp (& you can now pre-order the album!)

I read in Austin Kleon's  Show Your Work that "The Gulp" is the the space between finishing something and sharing it with the world. The interlude where the work has stopped "belonging" to you... but you haven't released it so it doesn't yet belong to anyone else. Until last week, that's where I was  - I spent a long time in "The Gulp."

Making this record took me a lot of time for reasons I'll go into more later. But basically I wanted to create a sound that just couldn't be rushed. It was really more of a search for a sound that fused together the world of vocals that were the dominant feature, with electronic production and classical elements. I didn't have a template to go by so it was very much go by feel, which just takes time.

It can be quite a challenge in itself knowing when you're finished when you're creating something new. When you're talking about every tiny detail of ten songs or more, basically I drew the line at losing my mind ;-)

It's not always this way but making this music in particular, was (at least for me) such an intense emotional and creative experience. It's a strange feeling to go from that, to releasing it which is essentially a series of unemotional steps - quite cold in a way.

But I am so happy to be able to start sharing with you the musical journey I've been on.

You can pre-order the album here


More soon