Breathe in Deep Live with Paul Hankinson... 8 years later ;-)

Breathe in Deep was the first song I released with Armin Van Buuren way back in 2010. It was an extra track on the itunes release of Mirage and my first major release as a feature artist. It changed my life in many ways but as an introvert I really struggled with social media in those days, and although my dearest friend Paul Hankinson and I filmed this video around that time, when I watched it back I felt way too self conscious to share it with anyone. 

Context is everything - and the great thing about getting older is you can look back on your younger self and realise it all wasn't as bad as you thought. So today I'm finally posting this video as a mega throwback, but also to mark the journey that everyone who has ever supported me in my music has taken *me* on; as much as I hope the music has taken you somewhere too.

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