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A few years ago I moved from Berlin to Los Angeles. With L.A being the home of the film industry I started being asked to coach actors in roles where they needed to sing.

I have a history with vocal technique because singing is something I had to think about a LOT when I was studying classical voice. I had won a scholarship to the queensland conservatorium in Australia, but when I arrived it turned out I really had no idea what I was doing! I had this fantastic teacher (Prof. Janet Delprat) who told me in my first lesson “I am going to change your sound.” And over the next four years I had to completely relearn everything I had known about vocal technique - because frankly - what I had learnt before was complete bullshit.

Together with Jan I did figure it out, and came to deeply understand how singing works on a technical level. What was surprising and really refreshing was that information is not mysterious or difficult to understand at all. It’s actually very straightforward once you understand. People may have different strengths and weaknesses - but the fundamentals are always the same because we all have the same body parts!

For me, with singing, there is very clear rights and wrongs. But I see people teaching things that are frankly - completely wrong or just confusing - and after the struggles I went through to fix my technique I find that really frustrating. So for the past few years I’ve been putting together an online singing course to share what I know and what I stand by - and I’m happy to say, it’s now online and available to the public.

It’s called Big Singing ;-) - because it really explains everything you need to know in order to sing well and grow your technique and voice at the same time. I teach you everything I’ve been doing for years in my own singing, and it’s exactly what I teach to actors when I’m coaching them for singing roles in film.

When it comes down to it, singing technique is a really efficient system of a few moving parts working together. So in the course I teach you each individual part of that system, and how to integrate them so your breath support is working with your voice, and both are working with your articulators. I’ve tried to do this in the most easy-to-understand way because singing is so personal - and I know it can all seem overwhelming. But actually - once you understand the system of it all, it puts you in the drivers seat which gives you confidence. You can self assess and know where you’re trying to end up.

So check out the course if it’s something that you’re interested in. If you want to learn but you’re not quite ready to dive into that and just want to read a bit more about my approach to vocal technique or have a specific small thing you’re working on - check out the website singschool.com where I post articles on different parts of technique and how I approach it all.

I hope it’s helpful ;-)

Fiora xxx

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