Songwriting with Fiora and a Free PDF cheatsheet

Over the past few years I started to want to give back in a way that was not only musical. 

And something that has always gotten me really excited is seeing other people fulfil their creative potential - so I've been creating a little online academy to help people lean into things like Songwriting and Singing. 

If that interests you, I'm very happy to say you can now click through to where there's a free songwriting cheatsheet for you to download and you'll be the first to know when my first songwriting course goes live. 

I'm in the process of creating the course now and it's going to be a combination of the nuts and bolts of songwriting technique, with a special focus on the more creative sides to a songwriting life. Those concepts to me are the MOST important, but often get overlooked when things get put into a more formal structure as they're less obvious to explain - so I wanted to make a point of sharing those elements. 

Excited to bring it to you soon. Hit the link to find out more xx


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