Where I'm at and where I've been hiding ;-)

Hi guys, Fiora here.

Lately I've been doing one of my disappearing acts but I'm writing this post because this latest one has not just been to work on new music. Infact, over the past year or so I've been going through quite the internal transformation. I'm still in love with music but in a weird way part of the reason I hate posting on social media is because I feel strangely trapped and creatively limited by who I'm meant to be on there - obviously you know me as a singer and songwriter and that's not a lie. But more and more, I want to indulge lots of different creative and musical passions and share them all, there's much more truth to that when it comes to who I am (a polyphonic person) - and in addition - I'm much more excited by getting to know other people/giving encouragement than posting about myself. 

So this year I'm changing it up, setting myself free, everybody's freeeeeeeeeeeeee ;-) to feel good! Right!?

So while I'll always sing and write songs, this year I'm growing into the other things I do or have always wanted to do and I hope you'll bare with me as I just share all of it. 

On the music tip for the past year I've been working on a project that I'm incredibly excited about, (no I mean REALLY) and it's a band project called Gemini Rising. I'm the singer in the band, and I wrote the songs together with Lester Mendez and Tensnake, but this project is a new sound to not be confused with anything else I've ever done before. So its' Gemini Rising.

In addition - something Completely new for me this year is I've been developing some online courses. Over the years many people have asked me about singing tips and I *know* how bizarre learning to sing can be so I've been putting together an online singing course which will go live in the next few months. You can stalk it at www.SingSchool.com . To be honest that has been an insane amount of work (I'm dying!!) but I wanted to do it well (of course) and I'm genuinely excited to share the things I've learned over the years. 

Finally - before the year is out - I want to revisit my orchestral writing. Maybe Flyphoenixx 2 or maybe something less elves-in-the-forest sounding.... Lets see if I can make that happen. 

But for now those are the two BIG things I've been working on lately, and I hope it won't be too confusing in future when I post about them both and whatever new things come. Creativity just needs to flow and if we're honest - and we want to be honest - we're all polyphonic people in the end. Thanks for reading me and for embracing whatever comes next!! I'm so grateful. 

Big Love