Human Race (available now)

I know I'm a bit late on this post, there's always so much going on, but Human Race, which I released in August is a song written by one of my closest friends - who also happens to be of the most ridiculous musician's I know - Paul Hankinson. 

I've known Paul since we both studied at the Queensland Conservatorium together - he studied piano and composition, and me classical voice. Since then he has been a huge part of my life in really every way - musically and personally. We started out as students performing Lieder and Art song together, we even composed some at that time, and for those in the know, Paul is also the pianist who worked with me on that first classical recording "Art Songs." 

This recording is Paul himself performing the 4 separate piano parts, which were recorded in Berlin by Martin Offik at Traumton studios, it was mixed by Miles Walker with mastering by Johnny Horesco. Paul and I developed the choral arrangement one day at my house. Vocals recorded by me.

Fiora xx

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