FIORA - by Paul Hankinson

Fiora has a voice that can make grown men cry, dogs howl, cats spontaneously combust and whales way out in the Atlantic - change direction. She does lots of things, Fiora - and she does them all really well. Some people don't understand that. Fiora is a pop singer, songwriter, classical singer and orchestral composer all in one - and that shouldn't really be legal. And the thing about her music is: it doesn't just exist from the neck up. Nor is it just in your feet. There is a lot of mind-music without soul, and a lot of body-music which is kind of heartless. In Fiora's music there is a mind - body - soul balance. - A balance between emotion and reason. But you still want to dance. And that's rare.

Fiora likes her magic wand and glow in the dark frisbee. She is always impressed by the makers in any art form. She can sew pillow cases and knit scarves. She can sit in front of the heater til her jacket catches fire. She likes origami but she can only fold three things. She wants to be able to breakdance. She does believe in a kind of magic. But above all music is her language. And in music she does want to inject magic into people's lives - to pull them into that world. It's the child inside - the wisdom of the child inside, an unending hope for the beautiful possibilities. It's the wildness. Rugged and open and imperfect. It's the motion - the inevitable nature of time. There's not this cool thing - There's no rules - it's all instinct. An alchemy. Searching for the swept away thing - Sound waves to wash you off your feet… wash you away….